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Happy New Year!

I hope you survived the holidays and spent lots of time with your family during this busy season.

I’m not sure whether your New Year’s resolution includes losing weight and/or getting healthy, but Arbonne just launched their limited edition Nutrition Blockbuster deal , which is our 30 Days to Healthy Living Kit that everyone loves, plus a free gym bag and an RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser ($44 value) at an incredible price of $266.40 for Preferred Clients. Oh, and you get free shipping on top of that!

This is the best time to be ordering a kit like this filled with clean, vegan nutrition products to support healthy living as you head into 2020. And as a special offer to my preferred clients, I’m offering a $100 CASH BONUS to each person who signs up to start the program with me in January and also sends two friends to do it with them (hello, accountability partners!). For each friend over 2 you refer who sign up, I’ll give you an extra $50!

To qualify for the cash bonus, both you and your referrals must participate in the full 30 day program and purchase your kits before January 20th in order to receive your shipment and start your program in January. You can begin on either 1/6 or 1/20, and you’ll get the cash bonus from me after you and your friends complete the program!

When I did the 30 Days to Healthy Living in August this year, I ended up losing 12 lbs. and 2.5″ off my waist, but most importantly as someone who suffers from significant digestive issues, my digestive system worked properly for the first time in my entire life!

So, are you in? New year, new YOU! And it would be an honor to help you along in your journey to healthy living!

For a little more information about the program itself, please visit the sites below or reach out with any questions!

Support your health goals so you can live a healthier, happier lifestyle with Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living.

Click here to watch Dr. Tanda Cook give an overview on 30 Days to Healthy Living.

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Arbonne Independent Consultant


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